An abundance of taste, colour and freshness!

Soft jellies flavoured with fruit juice, mint, coffee, rhubarb and more.

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Aromatic hard candies
A timeless flavor: sweet, with a pleasantly bitter taste of rhubarb, natural flavours and other digestive herbs.
Barley Sugar
Delicious candies with a delicate taste of barley and herbs.
Bonne Herbe
Sweets with natural extracts, refreshing taste and a pleasant balsamic effect.
Lemon and Sage
Refreshing candies with Italian lemon and natural sage flavor.
Assorted Candies
Enjoy a mixed selection of rhubarb, barley, herbs and lemon and sage.
Aromatic hard candies
Balsamic candies
Balsamic candies
Mint and liquorice
Soft mint candy, with an Italian liquorice heart.

A drop of herbs
Natural Sage, Altea, mallow, plantain, thyme, mint and anise extracts... for a truly natural taste!

Refreshing peppermint of Piedmont essential oil... for longer-lasting freshness!

Menta forte
Sweet with peppermint of Piedmont: a soft heart and guaranteed freshness.
Fruit candies
Citrus fruits
Candies with a delicate citrus flavor and a soft heart made with orange, lemon and mandarin juice.

Sparkling fruit candies with aneffervescent filling in the taste of citrus fruits: orange, lemon and exotic lime.

Assorted jellies
Soft candies made with real juice from strawberry, orange, lemon and apple

Fruit candies
Energy candies
Energy candies
Candy with an intense flavour and the taste of real coffee!

A soft heart with 25% of honey ... for a truly natural experience!
Le chicche
A wide assortment of classic pastilles: anisette, propolis and eucalyptus, mint and licorice, menthol and more.
Le chicche
Sugar free Candies
Sugar free Candies
Discover all the delicious sweetness of our sugar free candies. 
Available in the following flavors: Pear and Cinnamon, Blueberry & Gingseng and Lemon and Ginger
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