Where ICAM’s outstanding gianduja chocolate comes from
Gianduja is truly emblematic of the Italian chocolate makers’ art, dating back to the days of Napoleon. When the continental blockade made cocoa a rare, costly commodity, Piemontese confectioners created a new recipe, replacing part of the cocoa with a hazelnut cream and obtaining a chocolate with an intense, yet delicate flavour able to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. In keeping with tradition, ICAM Gianduiotti are produced to this day in accordance with the original recipe, using selected, top-quality ingredients: cocoa, sugar and the finest hazelnuts.
Where ICAM’s outstanding gianduja chocolate comes from
Gift box assortment150 gr
An elegant, compact new gift box, with an assortment of Icam gianduiotti to share, in both flavours!
A delicious new recipe designed to surprise even the most sophisticated, demanding palates, combining all the flavour of tradition with the sweet taste of dark chocolate.
Nutrion values
Classic presentation box200 gr
Classic bag 200 gr
Values for 100 gr
Energy2436 kj
Energy586 Kcal
Fat41.0 gr
of witch saturated fat14.7 gr
Carbohydrates42.4 gr
of wich sugar36.4 gr
Fibre6.8 gr
Protein8.5 gr
Salt0.0 gr
Available in a classic-style bag and presentation box, for a treat you can enjoy every day.
Celebrate the flavour of Gianduiotti twice over, thanks to the choice between the practical, classy gift packs: assortment boxes and presentation boxes containing 200g of pure taste.
Bag of dark chocolates200 gr
Nutrion values
Values per 100 gr
Energy2436 kj
Energy586 kcal
Fat41.0 g
of witch saturated fat14.7 g
Carbohydrates42.4 g
of wich sugar36.4 g
Fibre6.8 g
Protein8.5 g
Salt0.0 g
Dark chocolates in a bag for a daily treat
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