Chocolate by Nature

Our best advertisement has always been our cocoa itself. The fruit of the land, selected by us and carefully tended to throughout the entire supply chain, starting from the seeds. That is why our chocolate is fundamentally natural: from nature and with nature. The care we take with the raw materials extends to caring for the planet and for every single person who shares our commitment.

Why Icam

The values that matter most to us, the reasons we still have the passion and drive today to continue growing.
Never to forget where we started, where we are going, and why our chocolate must continue to be good for all.

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Our goals

For over a century, we’ve committed to producing high-quality chocolate, taking an ethical, sustainable approach which positively impacts every stage in the cocoa processing cycle.

Our business vision is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in their 2030 Agenda.

We set ourselves mid-to-long-term strategic targets and related KPIs to achieve them as a way of actively contributing to this global challenge.

Years of history

Chocolate should not just be “technically” perfect; it must also be absolutely delicious.

Our story

Projects, collaborations, meetings, trips, experiences: these are all the ingredients we’ve always added to our recipe for doing business.
They include the farsighted ideas of Silvio Agostoni, the pioneering innovations of our labs, the entrepreneurship of Carolina Vanini, and Angelo’s intrepid travels to where the cocoa grows. For over seven decades, our four cornerstones have been interwoven with events, people, inventions and places.

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Countries to which ICAM exports its products

Figures, percentages, and market performance all speak emphatically to the success of the economic choices we make with care and integrity.

As market experts, we want to pass on responsible purchasing habits to consumers and professionals, while steadfastly renewing our bond of trust with the stakeholders who rely on us each and every day.