Chocolate by Nature

Cocoa, fruit of the land, has been our concern for over 75 years, from bean to bar, from farm to shelf, throughout the entire supply chain.
This is how we’ve always worked: it’s our nature.

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Our concrete commitment

Since the ‘80s, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the socio-economic development and protection of cocoa-growing countries, but that’s not all.
We provide the farmers in our supply chain with training programs in collaboration with several cooperatives in Latin America and Africa.. This commitment not only means that we produce a superior quality cocoa, but also leads to better living conditions in local communities both by increasing harvests and providing opportunities for crop diversification. Committing to these communities generates and increases value for everyone involved.

We always place the greatest importance on People, the Supply Chain, the Environment, and Innovation. These four cornerstones shape our distinctive approach to production, a guiding philosophy that has motivated the family firm for three generations.
Ours is an unpublished story, shaped over the years by our actions, Now ready to be (re)discovered:


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Supply chain

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Sustainability in numbers

We have aligned our aims with the United Nations’ SDGs in order to prioritize the goals we commit to achieving each year. Data from the previous year shows the consistent, diligent progress we’ve made in the only direction possible: sustainability.


New recipes developed


Tests carried out on raw materials and finished products


Farmers trained in modern agricultural practices


Water consumption


Recyclable material for chocolate bar packaging


Tons of cocoa processed


Countries to which we export


Of beans purchased are certified Organic or Fairtrade


Of our suppliers have adopted our Code of Ethics

If you have a great thirst for knowledge and want to learn more about sustainability issues, here you will find everything you want to know. Happy reading and thanks.

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Vanini, at the very heart of cocoa

Our brand of premium chocolate, made with the finest cocoa sourced only from carefully selected plantations.
Through long-term partnerships with farmers, we produce refined pralines, gianduiotti, Bagua (a single-origin Peru dark chocolate), and the new range of single-origin bars, Vanini Uganda. In the Ugandan district of Bundibugyo, we have created our own collection and fermentation center where we work closely with local communities to produce organic cocoa of excellent quality.

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A family passion

From the ‘40s to the present day. Three generations of exciting initiatives, entrepreneurship, cutting-edge tools, familiar places and far-flung journeys to natural lands that must be protected.
Where does our passion for high-quality chocolate come from? From this authentic and extraordinary story, which continues to be written every single day through our experiences and responsible choices.

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Our target customers

We aim to meet the needs of three main groups: those who love chocolate, those who work with it, and those who produce it. Our product range is wide, tailored, and constantly evolving. We’ve always explored the best solutions for anticipating trends and successfully fulfilling every wish.

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