Our goals

We’ve always been committed to producing high-quality chocolate, taking an ethical, sustainable approach which positively impacts every stage in the cocoa processing cycle.

Since 2020, we’ve adopted the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations in their 2030 Agenda, in order to actively contribute to this global challenge.

Because our vision has always been sustainable.

Sustainability in numbers

A few figures which reflect our commitment to the continual improvement of our business. Because our responsibility also encompasses the supply chain, the people, the environment, and innovation. Steps that may appear small, but which demonstrate our dedication.

Care throughout the supply chain


Farmers trained in economic practices in Uganda

10.000 €

Donated for Covid management

1.414.000 €

Fairtrade Premiums provided


Suppliers who have adopted the ICAM Code of Ethics


Cocoa purchased with official adoption of the ICAM Code of Ethics


Farmers trained in economic practices in Uganda


Cocoa seedlings distributed in Uganda

Caring for people


Employees hired during the Covid crisis


Employees who received a financial contribution for voluntary work


Employees who received a financial contribution for their children’s schooling


Hours of training per capita


Value of food donations

Respect for the environment


Water consumption


Electricity purchased


Lightweight packaging for a saving of 26 tons of paper


Recyclable materials for chocolate-bar packaging

The drive for innovation


Recipes developed


Complaints for over a million product units sold


Internal audits

Our concrete commitment

Our documents are a direct expression of our goals, created to best manage and implement internal company processes and keep stakeholders up to date on our actions.

Our Sustainability Report

Since 2019, this report has marked our progress on the long path of social responsibility. As a tool supporting our strong drive towards an honorable, sustainable modus operandi. The report 1) encapsulates the primary results achieved over the year in terms of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and 2) defines new challenging objectives and KPIs on which to focus our future efforts.
In this way, our actions respect the entire company, all parties involved in our production process, and our shared planet.

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Our Code of Ethics

Approved in April 2010 by the Members Assembly and updated in December 2020, this code aims to define the values we recognize, accept, share, and maintain as fundamental. Our Code of Ethics guides the actions of all those who work with us. It is the foundation of our business approach, ensuring transparent, correct management of our human and commercial relationships.

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Our Story


Our Vision