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The People

The value of people

Recognizing the inherent value of each and every person is a fundamental aspect of our approach. Our relationships are built on trust and on direct, honest engagement, generating value for everyone we interact with, from farmers to employees to the local community. Our approach fosters an inclusive dialogue of mutual exchange and enrichment.

Our relationship with the farmers

In-depth knowledge of the cooperatives we have worked with for decades allows us to check directly that farming practices are carried out with respect for human rights and for the ecosystems in which we operate.

Ensuring that the entire chain is fully monitored is therefore a highly complex and intricate process. All too often, farmers (and especially minors) are subjected to exhausting working hours at levels of pay that are insufficient for meeting basic needs. Such potential abuses are why we consider it essential to keep dialogue and communication open with the communities that have welcomed us. We believe it is vital to make a positive contribution to the living conditions and socio-economic development of the regions where we are present.

Fair price for the farmers

Democratic organization

Equality and equal opportunities for women

Safe working conditions

Farmers trained in 2022

Our relationship with our employees

The Agostoni-Vanini family has always promoted collaborative relationships with employees, based on mutual trust and support. The value of this approach is reflected in the close bond of loyalty among employees, creating a strong sense of belonging.

We go beyond merely respecting the national collective labor agreement (CCNL) by making concrete efforts to offer our staff improved working conditions and pay policies for the sector.
Our company welfare is defined by careful human resource management, establishment of a positive working atmosphere, and empathetic listening to employees’ personal needs and specific requirements. Furthermore, we are committed to creating accessible and inclusive workplaces, where discrimination and exclusion have no place.
In this spirit, we annually offer:

Funding for socially useful activities

Funding to support educational costs

Equal opportunities

In line with our ethical values, we support all our workers—men and women— making it easier to balance personal and family life with work. We offer part-time contracts and flexible working hours with a rotating shift schedule.
In this way, we support cultural change in terms of gender roles within families, the world of work, and in society at large. This is how we keep Carolina Vanini’s legacy alive. From our founder, we inherited a story of family success, empowerment, and female entrepreneurship over the last century.

Training and passion: a winning duo

The training of our employees in Italy and in the cocoa-growing countries is a fundamental asset for us. Developing talents and skills suitable for the high level of innovation of our production lines is not enough: it is also crucial to instill a sense of passion for what we do.

Since 2021, our employees have had the opportunity to test their skills, bring them up to date, and receive an extra bonus. “Elemento di Professionalità” (Element of Professionalism) is a one-of-a-kind program, specially designed to develop professional skills at all levels and in all departments. This new system offers employees concrete incentives to stay current with their skills.

Our relationship with the local area and community

Since the ‘40s our local area has welcomed us, supported us and allowed us to grow. Society at large and the local community have established a close relationship with us based on collaboration and the sharing of environmental, educational, and social development policies.

We support the Food Bank and local associations which require product donations for their initiatives.

We promote freedom of education and numerous cultural and artistic initiatives, with a particular emphasis on schools. Each year we welcome university students as interns and offer work experience to students from local schools of various kinds.
All of this reflects our strong desire to contribute to the development of well-rounded and technically competent people.

Over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve supported Italian hospitals by supplying PPE and donating our chocolate, with the hope of providing much-needed treats to hard-working staff and the families of their patients.

Responsibility towards the consumer

Tests carried out on raw materials and finished products

Every day we try to honor the trust of everyone who believes in us.<br>
The ongoing pursuit of our clients’ total satisfaction is not merely a business goal, but represents a fundamental aspect of our company mission.

Our ability to position ourselves as a trustworthy partner, capable of effectively meeting market demands with top-quality products, makes us stand out on the market.

We develop tailor-made recipes to anticipate the wishes and dietary requirements of all chocolate-lovers. Because chocolate is a precious to us all!

Our cornerstones

Supply chain

100% management of the production chain.<br>


For sustainable development.<br>


The highest quality standards.<br>