Our target customers

Our business lines meet the needs of three main targets:
those who love chocolate and are looking for a high-quality product, those who create with or use it in their work, and those who wish to produce it under their own brand. Our desire to fulfil consumer wishes and anticipate trends means that our range is in constant evolution.

For chocolate lovers

For those who still think it is the best gift or treat. For those who can’t resist a bar. For those who happily share it with those they love. For those who need a pick-me-up or a quiet moment to themselves. For those who can never stop at just one, and for those seeking exciting new flavor combinations. For you. Our finest chocolate.


Our brand of premium chocolate, dedicated to our founder Carolina Vanini and made with the finest cocoa from select farming cooperatives with whom we enjoy long-standing partnerships. Together we work hard to respect the natural rhythms of an increasingly sustainable supply chain and to establish ethical relationships with all our workers.

Our pursuit of excellence for the Vanini line starts far away, with the identification of the best cocoa plantations and the selection of premium ingredients.

Our constant research has allowed us to discover exceptional cocoas in the most remote corners of the world. The Amazonas region of Peru, for example, is home to the most ancient variety of cocoa in the world (farmed as far back as 3000 BC), the basis for the single-origin Vanini Bagua, project developed with the APROCAM cooperative.

In the Ugandan district of Bundibugyo, we created our own collection and fermentation center where we work closely with local farmers on an organic cocoa of outstanding quality, which gave rise to the single-origin organic Vanini Uganda line of chocolate bars.


Our passion is not limited to high-quality chocolate, but also includes sport— especially the most popular football teams in Serie A—as well as the latest videogames, famous cartoons, and much more. Anything new is a source of inspiration for our festive products.

For special occasions such as Christmas, Epiphany and Easter, our delicious milk or dark chocolate is adorned with attractive designs that appeal to consumers both young and old. Epiphany Stockings and Easter Eggs are a must-have and are always available in a variety of brand-new versions and formulations, surprising and satisfying every palate—even the most sophisticated.

For chocolate creatives

For the professionals who are inspired by the finest raw materials. For those who write the recipes rather than follow them. For those whose imagination in the workshop knows no limits. For devotees of traditional confectionary and for the innovators. For the maestros of chocolate and for those who skillfully transform it into gelato.

Agostoni and Icam Professional

Our premium brand dedicated to our founder, Silvio Agostoni. The family is at the heart of our approach, reminding us each day of the tradition, passion, and culture that have led us to where we are and which we put into practice in our professional work every single day.

Side by side with Italian and international chocolate creatives. We guarantee innovation, attention to detail and quality. We’re able to meet the needs for the preparation and production of any creation thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and the expertise of our specialist confectioners. We offer high-performance solutions with exquisite flavor profiles for any creation, whether at the bakery, chocolate shop, or gelateria

For those who want to create their own chocolate

For those seeking tailor-made solutions. For the entrepreneurs who support “Made in Italy”. For those who never settle. For those who love experimenting. For those looking for a reliable partner and high-quality chocolate.

For industry and retail

We make chocolate bars, pralines, and semi-finished cocoa products in a variety of different forms and weights for the main retail brands and for many confectionary companies in Italy and abroad. They recognize the value and quality of our chocolate by putting their signature on the wrapper.

Complete customization that ranges from the development of new recipes to a detailed study of the packaging, tailored to the partner’s consumer base and their specific sales channels.