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Our technology is all about quality, led by a deep understanding of the raw material, traceability, and production methods and management throughout the entire supply chain. All of this knowledge comes together in our chocolate: in the hundreds of tailor-made recipes for semi-finished and finished products, each bringing out the full aromatic properties of the cocoa. Our cutting-edge Research and Development lab allows us to keep up with market trends and changing legislation, as well as to satisfy the most discerning palates. R&D also ensures that our production processes are constantly being refined and updated.

Industry 4.0

Every single step in the process, including production demand, sourcing of the raw material, recipe development, and production scheduling and planning, is managed by our functional system, thus guaranteeing total traceability of the products and the raw materials.

Full automation of the production processes at the Orsenigo plant ensures high energy efficiency, monitoring of all production parameters with the best technologies, as well as continuous and constant checks. We carry out laboratory tests and organoleptic checks throughout the entire production process to guarantee the highest quality and safety.

The Orsenigo site

Quality control and research & development labs
Presses and pulverization
Chocolate production
New recipes each year


Kilometers of tubes for the transport of liquid chocolate to the various production lines


Tons of cocoa processed


Internal audits

Quality control

Optimal management of the liquid chocolate distribution pipeline, from the storage tanks to the molding lines. Quality control is efficiently managed by software developed with Siemens specifically for the purpose, providing our Maintenance and Production Managers with continuous data in real time. Thanks to two of the most cutting-edge technologies on the market, Sinamics Connect 300 and Mindsphere, we are able to guarantee chocolate of exceptional quality.

Cross contamination

Mindful of growing obligations as regards food safety and allergens, we take particular care to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. We have dedicated production lines for each step of the cocoa processing and chocolate production. We also have specific tanks for the various types of cocoa paste to prevent any kind of contamination from potential allergens such as milk or hazelnuts.

International certifications

Our certifications

Each certificate is an important achievement that demonstrates our commitment to guaranteeing safety and sustainability. We have always stressed the importance of certification as additional proof of compliance and as a vital consumer communication tool.
Furthermore, the adoption of international standards provides operational support for self-monitoring and risk prevention activities linked to product quality and food safety. For the sake of clarity, we have sorted our certifications into the following categories: Company, Sustainability, Products, Organic, and Packaging.

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Where Culture, Competence and Creativity meet

“CHOCO CUBE was launched in 2019 with the aim of passing the passion for high-quality chocolate down through the generations, just as our family taught us”.

We offer ongoing consultation to pastry chefs, master chocolatiers, and ice-cream makers.
Sharing the experience and culture of “Made in Italy” chocolate, on an international scale. So that the desire to innovate, update, explore and experiment never ends, for themselves and for their businesses.

In-person and online workshops, masterclasses and on-demand platforms
Teaching materials, videos, full recipes, Linea Professionale and Agostoni ingredients, suggestions and inspirations: that’s CHOCOCUBE!

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Our cornerstones

Supply chain

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