A passion for chocolate that runs in the family

About us: the philosophy, values and products of an outstanding, 100% Italian business

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A passion that runs in the family

ICAM is an ambassador worldwide for Italian outstanding quality in the art of chocolate making.

Behind this role lie the company’s specific manufacturing choices, an effective expression of the philosophy that has always guided the Agostoni family, at the helm of the business since it was founded in 1946.

Though it is certainly the essence of ICAM, passion is not the only element that makes the company what it is today: creativity, cutting-edge techniques and technologies and a close eye on market trends all contribute to the success reaped by the chocolate produced by the Lecco firm with consumers all over the world.

ICAM chocolate is the fruit of the undying passion handed down through the generations of the Agostoni family, virtuosos of a genuine Italian-crafted chocolate culture.

Philosophy and values

The control exercised over every link in the production chain, from the selection of the cocoa plantations in the land of origin right through to the customisation of the product, allows ICAM to offer an indisputable guarantee of quality, placing the accent on a transparent production process and complete traceability of the finished product as the best way to respond to the growing food safety demands on the part of consumers.

It is with this in mind that over the years, the company has succeeded in creating a continually updated platform of international certifications able to guarantee its total quality model.

ICAM products are the fruit of a long-standing family tradition that has invested in the idea of monitoring the chocolate production chain every step of the way: from the raw material and the processing through to the creation and customisation of the definitive recipes. The thoroughly Italian style and the respect for the distinctive natural characteristics of the original cocoa, evident in ICAM chocolate from the first bite, have proved a winner on international markets.

ICAM pursues its quality objective through precise manufacturing and strategic choices:

  • Full control of the supply chain

    Full control of the supply chain

    Today Icam is one of the only firms throughout the world who can ensure control of the entire production chain: a challenging industrial approach, which allows to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality at every stage of production.

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  • Technological innovation

    Technological innovation

    ICAM made the complete supply chain protection and the technological independence, the distinctive elements of a high quality standard production, careful to enhance the uniqueness and authenticity of origin cocoa.

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  • High quality standards

    High quality standards

    We have an advanced R & D and Quality Control laboratory, to select the best ingredients and searching for new recipes. The architecture of the new plant based in Orsenigo(Como), and its new and modern plant systems, allow us to obtain the highest quality semi-finished and finished products.

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  • Certificates


    This is an essential platform to start building more specific quality management processes.
    Based of that, the company has built a system of strong, reliable and continuously updated guarantees, that can face the new quality challenges and, even more urgently, food Safety.

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Source of business
The control exercised over the production chain allows ICAM to develop a complete, highly diversified production system, able to respond to the needs of the market and its trading partners:
• semi-finished products: cocoa powder, butter and paste • liquid chocolate, moulded chocolate and chocolate drops
• over 300 different finished products: chocolate tablets and bars, chocolate shells and eggs, pralines and chocolates, bonbons and sweets.

Source of business
Prizes and awards
Dark chocolate+100Recipes
Milk chocolate+80Recipes
White chocolate+30Recipes
Articles with inclusions, sugar-free and organic+3000Recipes
Prizes and awards

ICAM is the leading company in the sector of non-conventional chocolate production:organic, fair trade, sugar-free and gluten-free.
Thanks to its complete, flexible organisation, ICAM is able to guarantee large volumes of supplies, and in accordance with the specific sales channel of its partners, to offer a suitable customisation service that ranges from the development of new recipes to the definition of the weight in grams and format, as well as studying the packaging.The new Orsenigo plant has been structured in order to provide a prompt response to the growing demands of customers.

Leading confectionery businesses and important national and international distribution chains choose ICAM as a priority partner for the production of their private label products. The Lecco company is popular with both consumers and professionals, who see the tradition, competence and reliability offered by ICAM as forming a sound base on which to build a profitable, lasting relationship.

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