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Our new corporate identity

By 12 January 2022March 28th, 2022No Comments

ICAM Chocolate in the year of its 75th anniversary decided to structure a new corporate identity to define its commitment to issues of sustainability and respect.

Supply Chain, People, Environment and Innovation are the 4 pillars underlying the approach summarized by the pay-off "Chocolate by Nature" of which the Lecco company has always been the spokesperson and which, today more than ever, it wants to reaffirm.

Chocolate by Nature for over 75 years

Orsenigo, 11 gennaio 2022 – ICAM Chocolate has been producing chocolate and semi-finished cocoa products of excellent quality and highly performing technical content for three generations. A mission that has always been very strong for the Lecco-based company and that is to come reconfirmed for 2022 with even more conviction, through a simple sentence – Chocolate by Nature – which represents in 3 words, the deep knowledgeof the cocoa that the family at the helm of ICAM has always had. A care that the company pays to its transformation along the entire supply chain, with an ever-high attention to the people who contribute to its processing and to the planet, of which this wonderful material is the fruit. All this, with an ever-vigilant eye on the technological innovations that the production sector offers, in order to always be competitive and satisfy, and even anticipate, the requests of an increasingly demanding public.

A new approach studied and finalized in the course of 2021, the year of 75th anniversary of the company, and which is embodied starting today in a new logo, featuring both the continuity with the long tradition of the company and at the same time by a element of break with the past: in fact we find respectively a red element, which framed the logo until yesterday and which today is revised with elegance and simplicity, and the stylization of the rose, now depicted through sinuous and modern lines, to accompany the company into the future.

In addition to the logo, an important restyling of the corporate website was also carried out, in which the company’s approach and the positive effects of its modus operandi are expressed through captivating, colorful graphics and direct and engaging language. Starting from the pay off “Chocolate by Nature” and the manifesto through which the company explains its mission, the site is developed in 4 areas identifying the 4 pillars through which the company’s actions are concretized and the essential elements to produce a respectful chocolate from every point of view: supply chain, people, environment and innovation.