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The initial situation

Land ownership in Uganda was particularly fragmented. Farmers worked small plots of land; after harvesting the cocoa pods and removing the beans, they carried out the fermentation and drying of the seeds in their own homes.
These working conditions meant that farmers faced a high risk of losing the crop: theft and adverse weather conditions during processing could damage as much as 30% of the harvested cocoa. These losses led to considerable hardship within families and negatively affected the product as well, resulting in a lower selling price.

Our approach was not restricted to purchasing the cocoa. We worked to understand the fermentation processes as well as possible and then collaborated with local farmers to find the best way to build local structures in which to carry out those processes, significantly improving the farmers’ living conditions as a result.

The Icam Chocolate Uganda project

In 2010, we founded ICAM CHOCOLATE UGANDA Ltd to carry out major development work in Uganda, exporting our knowledge and expertise to the heart of Africa.

The project was split into two operations:

  • training in modern farming techniques and sharing experience and best practices, developed over 30+ years of collaboration with the campesinos of Central America;
  • the creation of an organized collection and processing center.

Above all, we consolidated our methods by collaborating with local communities and farmers in the Bundibugyo region, where direct oversight made it possible to maximize the intrinsic quality of this high-grown cocoa, processing it fresh in the new collection center.

Watch the story told by those involved

Bundibugyo today

The site of our first center for processing cocoa harvested by local farmers, the center includes offices, 5 fermentation areas, and 10 drying areas. In 2018, our Bundibugyo project expanded with two new fermentation centers in Hoima and Mukono. Today, 112 employees work there; 99% of these employees are under 50 years old, and 26% are women.
Our project in Uganda also guarantees workers:

Employment contracts for local staff

No discrimination on tribal or religious grounds

Training courses on safety and first-aid for all employees

On-site infirmary which, if needed, can be supported by medical specialists

This project demonstrates our commitment to operating sustainably and has been the driving force for the socio-economic development of the local area and community, overcoming historic and environmental obstacles.
The quality of Ugandan cocoa has dramatically improved over the last 4 years. Today, cocoa from the “Pearl of Africa” is a top-quality, high-grown cocoa, appreciated by the market; grown and processed locally, its unique flavor profile is guaranteed.

Farmers can now enjoy a secure income, education, health care, and social services in their villages, while work-related risks and difficulties are kept to a minimum.

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