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Since the 1980s, ICAM’s two-fold commitment has involved not only studying and identifying the finest cocoa plantations, but also creating solid, lasting relationships with the self-employed farmers and local communities. These important relationships are based on a specific ethical code that establishes values designed to be a beacon for everyday operations: respect, sustainability, transparency, a fair deal for all and a developing partnership with all operators in the production chain.
Purchased Cocoa23.000tonnes/year

Biologic Purchased Cocoa12.000tonnes/year
The company’s ethical objective

To guarantee the traceability of all the raw materials, thus creating partnership relations with the farmers, who remain the owners of their lands, in order to guarantee long-term sustainable supply of the essential resources and an equitable deal.  
The company takes care to improve education and infrastructures in the farming communities, as well as training for the farmers themselves. This approach allows us to establish a direct contact with the cocoa farmers and to boost fair working conditions, as well as the quality of the cocoa grown on the plantations. In this way, ICAM implements an independent process for the verification of the sustainability programme, such as the projects set up in the Dominican Republic, Uganda and Peru.  ICAM limits the role of the intermediaries and pays farmers a fair price for the cocoa they produce.

This ethical management of every single relationship places the company and the farmers on the same footing, with both becoming trading partners ready to work together to cope with the changing conditions of the markets. ICAM guarantees farmers a fair price, not simply in terms of payment for the harvest, but in terms of overall value, in which importance is also placed on human capital and lasting purchasing contracts, aimed at the creation of a stable business relationship founded on respect and empowerment.

Sustainability programmes
Discover our commitment in some of the places where cocoa is grown.
  • Uganda
  • Dominican Republic
  • Perù
  • Stories of sustainable production chain
Ecosustainable production
ICAM undertakes to closely monitor, control and improve the environmental aspects of production and distribution through the use of renewable energy, control of carbon dioxide emissions and the use of low-environmental-impact materials.    
To ensure products are up to the expected standards, ICAM adopts stringent procedures. These quality control measures include extremely rigorous tests carried out at various levels, from the raw material through all stages of the production process to the finished product.   A complex system of complete traceability allows ICAM to guarantee a quality product, free from defects, at every stage of the distribution chain.  

Product certifications

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