The guarantee of excellence

We are sure to always operate in an ethical and careful way and for this reason we want all our commitment to be certified by external bodies as a further guarantee for the consumer.

Sustainability certifications

These certifications attest to our commitment to the environment and people. By improving agricultural practices, collaboration with growers brings visible results of crop stability, benefiting both the quality and profitability of production.
We provide producers with fair prices, lasting purchase contracts and a margin to invest in social and health projects.

The brand of responsible forest management FCS® N002566

ICAM undertakes to choose FSC certified paper packaging for its products. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international non-governmental and non-profit organization that operates around the world to promote responsible forest management. FSC certification guarantees that the entire wood-paper chain certified for its standards derives from forest resources where strict environmental, social and economic criteria are respected.


FAIRTRADE ITALIA is an international organization which, through the ethical certification mark, ensures better living and working conditions for producers and workers in developing countries.
Fair Trade is a commercial partnership that seeks greater equity in international trade by offering better trading conditions to producers in the South of the World.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance certification demonstrates that farmers and businesses are taking steps to make their products more sustainable, creating a better future for people and nature. It is a symbol of hope, action and progress and a way for brands to tell the story of their products. Certification represents the vision of a sustainability path based on continuous improvement, transparency and responsibility to achieve a better future, making responsible business the new normal. Only together can we restore harmony between people and nature and create a world in which to thrive together.

Certifications Organic chocolate

We’ve believed in the validity of this approach since 1997, becoming the first Italian company to produce organic chocolate.
What do we mean by organic? Simply put, an approach to the product that respects nature: chemical and microbiological treatments are replaced with respect for the natural rhythms and methods of each phase of the process, from growing to preparation, from storage to processing. Specific requirements vary from country to country. Generally involve compliance with a series of rules governing production, farming, storage, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. These include:

  • not using chemical or synthetic products, genetically modified organisms, or radiation at any stage of the production process
  • using farmland on which no chemical substances have been used for a considerable number of years
  • traceability and the adoption of a documented production system
  • the strict physical separation of organic and non-organic ingredients
  • regular local inspections

We guarantee the source of our cocoa — the raw material for our fine-quality organic chocolate — with absolute certainty. We aim to provide all our consumers on the market with a product that conforms to national and international organic farming standards.
Our certifications offer further proof of our compliance.

EU Organic farming

The Certificate of Compliance with the EEC Regulation sets out European rules for organic farming and its products. The EU organic farming logo gives consumers confidence in the origin and quality of food and drink.
The logo’s presence on products guarantees compliance with EU Regulations on organic farming.

Canada Organic Biologique

Canada’s response to the demands of the organic sector and of consumers to develop a regulated system for organically farmed products.

USDA Organic

The National Organic Program is essential for accessing the organic sector of the United States’ market.

Product certification

As confirmation of a quality-driven approach that is sensitive to the latest consumer trends, we obtained certain product-specific certifications which involve compliance with highly stringent quality standards addressing a variety of different nutritional needs.


This certificate means that the product is suitable for Jewish people and others who follow a kosher diet, a strict protocol of Biblical rules and product preparation methods.

Spiga barrata

This certification is granted by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) to products with a gluten content of less than 20 ppm, and therefore suitable for consumption by those with celiac disease.
ICAM products with the Spiga Barrata logo are listed in the AIC Handbook.


Halal Global is the agency that controls and certifies those products that comply with halal standards.
Halal certification guarantees that the product follows Muslim religious requirements at every step of production, packaging, and distribution. Muslim consumers can therefore be sure that the product, guaranteed halal, respects Shari’a requirements.


this certification aims to provide vegan consumers with all the information they need to make informed purchases. It guarantees that products with this logo are free from animal-derived substances. Vegan certification can also be extended to the hospitality and catering sector and guarantees that dishes, recipes, packaging, and hospitality accessories are free from any components of animal origin.

Lactose free

this label clearly identifies those products which are suitable for the diets of those who are lactose and milk protein intolerant. It identifies and guarantees lactose-free products with a residual lactose content of < 0.01%..

Kosher Dairy

The purchase and implementation of the new “Barth” roaster—which roasts at constant pressure and evenly evaporates internal and external humidity—allows all the flavor of the cocoa bean to remain intact.

Corporate certification


For us, this a fundamental platform on which to build further, more specific quality management processes.
On this foundation, the company has built a robust, reliable and continually updated system of guarantees, able to tackle new challenges in the field of quality and, more pressingly, food safety.


These certifications are particularly valued by the major European retail chains. They demonstrate the company’s commitment to the safety and quality of their products, as well as compliance with the regulations governing the agro-food sector:

  • Full adoption of a HACCP system
  • Adoption of a documented quality-management system
  • Control of the environment, production process, and staff
  • Compliance with the highest standards of quality, guaranteeing consistency of the products’ characteristics and customer satisfaction over time