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Research & Development and Quality Control Laboratory

The company is equipped with cutting-edge Research & Development and Quality Control laboratories, which select the finest ingredients and seek out new recipes.
In order to monitor the quality of the cocoa grains, semi-finished and finished products, ICAM has created a group of 40 expert tasters.
Organoleptic checks are carried out daily with a view to guaranteeing even quality across the production batches and providing notification of any divergences from the standards expected.

In 2013, some 8,000 analyses were carried out to guarantee the quality and safety of the finished products.

In 2013, the eight-strong team of the R&D department developed some 500 new projects in pursuit of new flavours and innovative solutions.

In the same year, some 100 internal and external audits were conducted. Proof of the dynamic, continually evolving nature of the company is that following every audit, some sort of improvement or corrective action is adopted.

Research&Development Laboratory8000in 2013

New Technologies500in 2013

Certified Quality100in 2013
New technologies for even better quality

The structure of the new Orsenigo establishment, with its modern new plant systems, allows ICAM to obtain maximum-quality semi-finished and finished products.


  •  Physical separation of the areas with different hygiene risk (dirty and clean areas of the process).
  • Representative samples taken from each batch, on 100% of the sacks.
  • Cut test analyses carried out on each batch to check on the level of fermentation and the absence of defects.
  • Sensory evaluation of the cocoa paste.
  • Transfer of the cocoa beans by means of high-intensity pneumatic transport, allowing for a much more precise processing and cleaning system that prevents the beans from getting crushed.

This particular factor is of fundamental importance in guaranteeing the high quality of the cocoa.


Cut TestQuality controlTransfer cocoa beans


• Debacterisation for maximum food safety
• Cocoa paste stocked in dedicated tanks divided according to type and use.
• Constant physical and chemical analysis conducted on products to monitor quality throughout the production process.
• Computerised monitoring system to guarantee control over the whole process and complete traceability.
• Chocoline: 12 dedicated lines to minimise cross-contamination.
• Sensory analysis of all batches and checks to ensure even product quality.

The new production plant
AnalysisAnalysisMonitoring of the production processChocolineAnalysis of the finished product
Certified quality

The pursuit of excellence the ICAM philosophy is based on can also be seen in the company’s concrete, transparent desire to provide evidence of the quality objectives obtained, starting from the large number of certifications it possesses. This strong, reliable, continually updated system of guarantees is made up of numerous certifications that bear witness to ICAM’s constant commitment to the environment and the people who live in it.
Over the last few years, ICAM has acquired a reputation as one of the world’s leading producers of organic chocolate, and is listed on the Fair Trade registry.

To guarantee such high product quality, ICAM tasters must follow rigorous further training courses at the most authoritative, prestigious institute in Europe: CIRAD – “Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Developpement”.
It is precisely from this authoritative body that a signal has come in recognition of ICAM’s skill in producing quality chocolate. For the contest it organised to assess the finest varieties of cocoa in the world for chocolate making, CIRAD invited a representative from ICAM to form part of the jury, composed of just four highly qualified members.

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