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Generational change at the helm of Icam

By 3 July 2024July 8th, 2024No Comments

The new appointments to the company's board of directors reaffirm the family connotation thanks to the entry of the third generation of the Agostoni family and the confirmation of some external professionals to ensure continuity in the management

Orsenigo, July 3, 2024 – ICAM, a leading family company in the production and marketing of chocolate and semi-processed cocoa products, announces an important generational change in- its management.

During the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting held on last June 28, the composition of the company’s Board of Directors was revised, and now includes several third-generation members of the Agostoni family, who will join the governing body for the three-year 2024/2026 term.

To maintain the family connotation that has always characterized the company, the Assembly appointed Giovanni, Sara, and Luca Agostoni as new board members, representatives of the third generation of the company’s founding family and extremely competent figures, each in their own field, who have already been working in ICAM for several years and who will bring an important contribution and new energy for the company’s future development.

They will be joined by Adelio Crippa, an experienced professional who has embraced the values of the company for many years as General Manager and who will assume the crucial role of Managing Director with powers of ordinary and some extraordinary administration of the Company. “A position that honors me and that I will carry out by putting maximum effort to fulfill the role of guarantor of business continuity that this function requires,” commented Adelio Crippa, Managing Director. Completing the Board of Directors, there are 3 external figures reappointed to the Board for their expertise in economics, law and in-depth knowledge of the cocoa market and international entrepreneurship.

In this crucial time of transition, this composition has been structured to ensure continuity in the management of the company and while introducing, at the same time, fresh energies, who are well acquainted with the company and will therefore, be able to bring an important contribution to its future development.

Finally, the Assembly decided to propose Angelo Agostoni, outgoing President of ICAM, for the role of Honorary Chairman. This appointment, which is provided for in the company’s bylaws, reflects a desire of shareholders to express gratitude for his significant contribution to the company’s development through his valuable experience. His authoritative presence and deep market knowledge will be of great support in ensuring an effective and smooth transition in the governance of the Company.

The approach to the management of the company that my family has followed for two generations has always been characterized by a great respect for this living entity, made up of people that grows and evolves over time, comments Angelo Agostoni, Honorary Chairman of ICAM It is precisely with this approach in mind that I have decided to step back and allow the new members to take on their measure with the task they have been entrusted with and set the work from here on, based on their sensibility, which I am confident will be good for the company.

The role of the president will be entrusted to Giovanni Agostoni, a member of the third generation of the founding family, who has distinguished himself over the years for his commitment and dedication as Global Sales & Marketing Director. As the company’s new president, Giovanni has been given legal representation, that is, substantive and procedural representation of the company.

“The appointment as President of the family company fills me with pride and at the same time invests me with the enormous responsibility of living up to the task entrusted to me, remarks Giovanni Agostoni, President of ICAM. My goal will be to carry on the extraordinary work accomplished so far by those who have preceded me. I am thinking of Angelo Agostoni who, along with my father Plinio, were the engine that fueled the growth of this company and its values of ethics and respect. It is a responsibility that today I am honored to carry forward in a process of continuous improvement that began almost 80 years ago. In a rapidly changing world where companies like ours are called upon to run just as fast, navigating the multiple and difficult challenges of the market, ICAM remains and will remain anchored in its commitment to excel in the high-quality chocolate industry.”