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Turnover up by 10% in 2022, doing well both in Italy and abroad.

By 23 May 2023No Comments

Icam closed 2022 with a turnover of 207.4 million euros, an increase compared to the sales of previous years: in particular, +10% compared to 2021 and +18.3% compared to 2020.

In 2022, the company recorded an increase in turnover both on the domestic market (+9.1%) and on the foreign market (+8.1), even if the revenue analysis confirms the prevalence on the foreign market (60%) – particularly fond of the organic and fair trade cocoa that Icam now exports to 73 countries – compared to the national market (40%). Specifically, sales concerned the three main business areas of the company which sees the company’s branded products (Vanini, Agostoni and Icam Professional) excel with 47% of the turnover generated, thanks also to marketing activities and communication to support the development of the Brand, in particular in support of the Vanini branded bars and pralines and the Agostoni professional line.

This is followed, in order of importance, by the private labels present in most of the Italian and foreign large-scale retail brands with 37% and, lastly, by the semi-finished products supplied to the confectionery industry (16%), which relies on Icam to complete and make their productions qualitatively excellent. Specifically, the large-scale distribution market in the first half of 2022 kept prices stable for end consumers to limit the risk of further inflation. On the contrary, the second half of 2022 was characterized more markedly by generalized increases with a marked reduction in promotional pressure.

”Despite a 2022 characterized by external macroeconomic factors that generated instability on world markets, impacting the normal course of business and the company’s economic results, Icam – comments the president of Icam, Angelo Agostoni – has managed to maintain a growing trend thanks to the adoption of measures to revise the sales price lists to face the unfavorable economic scenario and to a plan to contain structural costs. All this has allowed us to pursue a development and growth plan both in business management and in investment strategies, always in full compliance with the four cardinal principles that have guided our actions for over 75 years and which are at the heart of our Corporate Identity: supply chain, people, environment and innovation”.

In fact, the company pays the utmost attention to all the players (producers of sugar, milk, vanilla, dried fruit and other ingredients that contribute to the creation of each recipe): the latter can, in fact, become part of the Icam supply chain only after sharing and signing the company’s code of ethics, which in 2021 collected 100% of raw material suppliers. The same code has also been signed by 96% of the suppliers from whom ICAM buys cocoa.