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Chistmas 2022: two new holiday combinations by Vanini.

By 23 November 2022No Comments

Vanini, on the occasion of the holidays, has collaborated with Carlsberg and Distillerie Franciacorta.

Orsenigo, Nov. x, 2022 – The holiday season is getting closer and ICAM Cioccolato, a company that for more than three generations has been an interpreter and spokesperson for the culture and excellence of Italian chocolate, this year offers two new pairings, the result of recent partnerships with the brands Carlsberg and Distillerie Franciacorta.

The unprecedented pairing of Vanini chocolate with symbolic beverages of our tradition such as beer and grappa is designed to stimulate consumers’ curiosity, offering them a hedonistic and experiential tasting path, aspects that are increasingly essential in the consumption of chocolate. In the following proposals, the lovable and refined taste of chocolate meets the effervescence of Grimbergen beers and the decision of Distillerie Franciacorta grappas.


A Christmas box that includes two bottles of Grimbergen beer and two Vanini single-origin Bagua (Peru) chocolate bars, in particular: the Blonde beer is paired with the 62% dark chocolate bar with mango and passion fruit, while the Double Ambrée beer is paired with the 62% dark chocolate bar with figs and almonds.


Price: €9.90


Vanini chocolate and Distillerie Franciacorta grappa come together, resulting in five matchings. The proposals include a mini-bar of single-origin Bagua (Peru) chocolate to accompany a bottle of grappa: 62% dark chocolate with pear and cinnamon for Corte Bianca grappa, 74% dark chocolate with cocoa nibs for Corte Barrique, and 70% dark chocolate for Corte Amarone, Corte Chandon, and Corte Moscato barricaded grappas.


Price: from € 9.96 to € 13.16