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New line of organic Uganda tablets

By 30 November 2021December 20th, 2021No Comments

Passion for taste, love for the planet: it is by following this vision that today we present the line of organic tablets signed by Vanini, proposing new references and a revolutionary packaging for its cheerful and captivating graphics, but above all for the material of which it is made. makes it 100% compostable.

All strictly organic

The new Uganda bars are made with an incredible and unique Ugandan cocoa which is the clear demonstration of ICAM’s commitment to promoting a sustainable and fully traced supply chain. To this end, in 2010, the company founded ICAM Chocolate Uganda Ltd, a company created to support the cultivation and harvesting process of cocoa in the important Ugandan district of Bundibugyo.

Here, thanks to the implementation of the most modern agronomic techniques and the training of local farmers, not only was it possible to improve the harvests and the intrinsic quality of this cocoa, but the project has also led to a growth of the entire territory and to a socio-economic development of the local community, ensuring adequate working conditions, offering school assistance and health support for families in the villages of the district.

From the great attention to the needs of consumers, increasingly committed to the adoption of virtuous and conscious consumer choices, and with the aim of creating a sustainable product in all its parts, ICAM started precisely from Vanini Uganda BIO tablets, implementing the first compostable wrapping made using a patented biopolymer composed of plant substances, such as corn starch. The packaging of these Vanini tablets is made up of 80% renewable raw materials and is 100% compostable, according to the rules of industrial disposal (certified by the TUV). A great milestone that involves only these references for the moment but little by little the new packaging will be introduced on all products without implying reductions in the correct conservation of the product itself.

“Organic, Single Origin and Sustainable: these are the three adjectives that describe the constant research and uniqueness that has always characterized the chocolate of this Vanini line. We are extremely proud to present today the complete restyling of the entire range, which is a reflection of the company’s care for the environment and people, commented Giovanni Agostoni, Commercial Director of Icam. A 360° attention that we turn to the raw material, a unique cocoa, to the ingredients of the inclusions, strictly organic and from selected and traced producers and, from today also to the packaging, to always have the certainty of placing on the market a product of excellent quality and flawless from all points of view. “

The six tablets that make up the line, all in 85gr. format, all use organic cocoa grown in Uganda, a very noble raw material, with a cacaotè aromatic profile characterized by sweet, fragrant and low acidity notes, enhanced by combinations with dried fruit, salty notes and cocoa nibs. Even the inclusions have been selected from strictly organic crops: almonds, salted pistachios and hazelnuts come from farms that adopt cultivation methods that use natural substances, excluding the use of chemical synthesis products.

Through the construction of an advanced collection center, the use of the most modern agronomic techniques and the constant support to local farmers, it has been possible to improve yields, making the plantations more profitable and raising the intrinsic quality of the cocoa produced, so much so that , in 2018, Ugandan cocoa obtained the BIO ECOCERT certification.

The range of tablets is on sale in the retail channel in the main GDO brands throughout the country.

It is also available on our online store: where you can also buy the entire offer of the premium Vanini brand: Gourmet, Dolce Vita and Blue Rose pralines in different formats and all the variations of chocolate bars made with Bagua cocoa.