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News | 3 February 2016
Icam total sales up 10% in 2015, exports by over €5 million
Icam total sales up 10% in 2015, exports by over €5 million
Milan, 1 February 2016 – Icam, the leading Italian quality chocolate and cacao producer, ended 2015 with total sales of €135 million, nearly 10% up year on year. Icam brand products grew to achieve total sales of €23 million, marking an overall increase of 6.5% on 2014, with the performance of Vanini and Linea Professionale standing out. Trade products enjoyed clear overall growth, with a roughly 20% increase in demand shift to organic products, making these now more popular than conventional cacao. Exports continued to grow, up 8% on 2014, with sales in 70 countries and turnover of €71 million, meaning this is an ever more important pillar in the company's accounts. Notable growth was seen in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia (notably China), while sales consolidated in other countries, with the US, the UK, Germany and France at the top of the list.

"Growth in 2015 was not something that could be taken for granted," explained Icam Chairman Angelo Agostoni. "In trying economic times that have hit food consumption, we have increased sales in Italy and abroad of Icam brand chocolate, maintaining our leading position in the private label sector and increasing sales in the trade sector. Our premium brand Vanini made it through the first year and we're really pleased with the positive reaction from consumers. We are happy with the constant, continuous reaction of the market, especially abroad, where growth in total sales was nearly in double digits. The new Orsenigo plant has much to do with this, especially as its output was constant last year, while still leaving room for growth.
2016 is a major year for our company, marking the 70th anniversary of its founding. Our target is primarily to continue to grow in Italy and to gain new market shares abroad, spreading the distribution of our products into new, emerging markets. This is partly why we recently expanded our Export division. We firmly believe that growth comes from the expertise and passion of our staff that, every day for the past 70 years, has worked to make Icam chocolate unique and top quality".
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